Plumbing Services

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Plumbing Services

We at Plumber Orem are your fully equipped residential and commercial plumber. We offer all plumbing related services, whether it be a brand new installation, a repair, maintenance, or a replacement, you can count on us to deliver expert and professional services to you. We are an extension of Your Plumber Salt Lake City, the exclusive localized partner of Beehive Plumbing.


Here at Plumber Orem, we provide only the best plumbing and drain cleaning services through dependable and trustworthy trained plumbing professionals, who will always respect your home and business. We cover the counties of Utah, Salt Lake City, Davis, Tooele, Summit, and neighboring Wasatch. Our plumbers are thoroughly trained and equipped to offer the best services to you!


We know that you as our client require the best services that you can get, and we thrive to only give you the best.

Here are some of the services that we offer here at Plumber Orem.

  1. Plumbing repair, replacement, and maintenance services for both commercial and residential clients. They include:
    • Reverse Osmosis Systems
    • Water Conditioning
    • Water Purification
    • Faucet Leaks and Installations
    • Toilet Clogs, Leaks, Repairs and Installations
    • Leaking Showers
    • Clogged Floor Drains
    • Water Mains Repair and Replacement
    • Water Line Replacement
    • Backflow Prevention
    • Pipe Thawing
    • All Hot Water Repairs
    • Boiler Repair and Replacement
    • Water Heater Tank Replacements
    • Water Heater Repair
    • Drains Cleaning
    • Leaks Repairs
    • Garbage Disposals Repairs
    • Water Softener Repair
    • New Pipes and Lines Replacement
    • Burst Pipe Repairs

Any and all kind of plumbing repairs you need, we will offer it to you. Your Plumber Orem is affordable and only achieves to give excellent services with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

2. Appliance and Pipe Installation

Your Plumber Orem offers only the best installation services. We are skilled and trained in what we do. We do not experiment, we deliver the best results, and we are equipped with the best and latest tools in plumbing that will provide excellent installation in your home or business. We give free estimates to let you know how much the service will cost you. We are equipped to handle installations securely, efficiently, and quickly.

Our installation services include:

Our team of experts will only give you the best service as we value every client we work with. We know that in order for us to excel and exist, we have to give our very best. We offer a free consultation and update you with the new trends in the market as far as your plumbing needs are concerned. With us here at Your Plumber Orem, you can be sure that you will have the latest materials in your home to make your dream home a wonderful trend.

We will work for hand in hand with you in order to make sure that you get the exact model that suits you and your families need.

3. Remodeling

Once you begin to consider remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, it is important to choose only the best remodeling service providers that will give you excellent work. Your Plumber Orem is ready to work with you to give you that much-desired facelift for your bathroom or kitchen.

In order to give you the change you desire, we work with other necessary parties to make the remodeling complete. We do not give any excuses when it comes to on-time service delivery. Your Plumber Orem will also make sure that our service delivery complies with the plumbing codes in place.

Plumbing Orem remodeling services include:

Commercial remodeling: You can trust us to upgrade your sink if you are in the restaurant business or give your Laundromat that much-desired upgrade. We will deliver what you want and need.

Residential remodeling: We understand that you can grow tired of using the same sink you’ve had for years or want to change your toilet and bathtubs to the latest and trendy ones. Whatever your need is, we will make it happen. Bathroom remodeling can include the installation of new equipment. Your 5-star kitchen and bathroom is just a phone call away!

4.Emergency Plumbing

Your Plumber Orem is your round the clock plumber! Which means that whatever time you need plumbing services, you can count on us. Your Plumber Orem has a fast response time to all plumbing related emergencies. Day or night, you can count on us to be there. Not only are we fast, but we are well equipped and prepared to be a choice you trust.

5.Water Damage Repair

We know that flooding can cause damages if not handled quickly and professionally. Our water damage repair services are guaranteed to cope with any water-related repairs. We are well equipped with the best moisture detection tools, water extraction pumps, and all other needed tools.

We not only repair damages, but we also care for the environment while doing so. This means we use environmentally friendly products when we need to eliminate odors or remove bacteria. After we have extracted the water, we test for the presence of mold and bacteria so that we can make sure that your home is safe for you and your family.

Trust in us to only give accurate, transparent, and true reports of damages.

With Plumber Orem and our expert plumbing services you are guaranteed:

  • Fast service delivery.
  • Exactly what you ordered.
  • Skill and care when handling your home.
  • Value for your money.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Site safety.
  • Written and signed contracts.
  • No fake products.

We at Plumber Orem take pride in knowing that we will give you only the best service guaranteed.